Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to get laid.

I was telling a friend of mine about something that happened to me recently.  I was pretty sure a guy was hitting on me but not 100% positive.  He told me about how he broke up with a woman recently because she wanted to get serious and he wasn't ready to get serious.  Then he looked me dead in the eye and added 'unless of course the right woman came along'.

As I told my friend this story she said, 'Why don't men say I just wanna get laid'?  This started me thinking.

Why don't men just say 'I wanna get laid'?

Clearly this man was saying to me, 'If you are up for it we can have sex and then maybe if you are the right woman, we can continue having sex for a long time'.

Women want to get laid.  Women say it all the time to each other.  We talk about it constantly.  We text each other after the deed is done and say " I just got laid'.  Then we all celebrate together.

Ok, maybe men don't just ONLY want to get laid.  But it is a pretty big part of the post-divorce dating experience. So why can't we cut to the chase?

Women talk about sex constantly.  CONSTANTLY.  But yet when it comes to the dating dance we struggle around the 'let's have sex' moment.  We all know it is coming so it is pretty confusing that we don't just say 'Hey I am really attracted to you and I want to get naked and roll around with you'. Believe it or not women might actually like the honesty.  While they may not jump in bed, the teenage dance around sex will be quashed.

I have a lot of single friends who do want a relationship but also really want to have sex on a consistent basis.  While traditional norms assign the woman to the position of pushing off sex, this all seems to change once a woman has gone through a divorce.

And why not.  As my boyfriend said to me, 'We are all adults here'.  And so we are.  We are adults,  We have been through marriage and kids.  We know what it is all about.  So why not say on the date, 'I really like you and I want to see you again but I also really want to get you naked and have some sexy time with you'.

Let's be honest, with each other and ourselves.  Yes, we may be looking for a long term commitment but initially we are looking for sex.  So, ladies and gentlemen, just say it.  I wanna get laid. Trust me.  I'm single and fall for it every time.