Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Just a short note. My most recent admirer on posted this picture for all to enjoy. He believes this photo will woo the women. He wants to get together with me because he thinks we have so much in common. Again, I am trying not judge based on physical appearance, but I think any sort of chemistry starts with an initial spark. Now some may say there is a woman out there for this man, and perhaps that is true. But I am fairly certain that woman is not me. Although, check back with me in 6 months and I may be pathetically desperate enough.

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  1. The animal photos in the back are not a good sign, and neither is the necklace of hair he appears to have. (Maybe it's just the lighting?) Oprah will be proud you followed your gut instincts and avoided this one.

    Very funny. George from Seinfeld can play him in the movie.